January 9~This Little Piggy Went To….

marketing class.

I REALLY wanted to get outside and shoot something today but the cold just really wasn’t for me.  So instead, I decided to break out the marketing books to review.  It’s been a LONG time since I took my first marketing class, but after taking one (kinda like taking a geology class), you never look at things quite the same way again.  I usually look at every commercial and advertisement from the “what were they thinking” standpoint….pretty interesting.

So what IS marketing?  Basically, it’s human behavior.  What makes people want to buy/use/experience a service/product?  And it gets very complex, but at the same time very simple.   Everything around us is a brand we have been persuaded/taught to choose. Coca-Cola is a Brand.  Nike is a brand.  BUT “So are France, Italy, O.J. Simpson, Abraham Lincoln, lawyers, plumbers, James Bond movies, Little League baseball, Batman, Superman, Christianity, Judaism, Harvard, Notre Dame, the Beatles, the Royal Family, Greenpeace, Green Giant, NBA, and NRA…” (Bill Schley, Why Johnny Can’t Brand)

The point is, from a consumer POV, you have the choice.

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