Jan 27~ Icing on the cake…

Well, our ice storm hit and we were doing ok until about 4pm.  That’s when the power went off and now my kids are driving me crazy!

They are calling for snow tonight to cover up all this ice (yippee) and the power company is estimating Thursday night at the very earliest for power (and I’m not holding my breath).   We have the generator but I feel bad using all that gas just to run our TV to keep my kids entertained and the computer to keep ME entertained.  I’m encouraging them to look for other alternatives….(I know…good luck with that). 

Here’s my wintery picture to add to everyone elses…I really love living in the South because I could NOT handle this for more than a couple of months of the year. lol

Icing on the cake...

Icing on the cake...

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1 Response to Jan 27~ Icing on the cake…

  1. andrea says:

    Beautiful shot!

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