Jan 10 ~ Quick Supper…

I can tell the weekends may be challenging because I get out of my routine.

  I have been organizing everything from movies to magazines and went shopping for new storage containers.  I should have just waited until my next trip to LR and hit The Container Store because  so far I haven’t been exactly satified with what I’ve bought.  Mostly I just use Wal-Mart because we don’t have much else available here,  but they have a bad habit of changing what they carry and as soon as I find something I really like, they quit carrying it!

But anyway… I came home and fixed a quick supper of beef and cheese quesadillas.  I remembered right in the middle that I had forgotten to get my POTD so I snapped a quick pic with my p-n-s.

I am going to get more creative…I am going to get more creative…I am going to get more creative…..lol

Quick Supper

Quick Supper

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6 Responses to Jan 10 ~ Quick Supper…

  1. andrea says:

    Well I enjoyed reading your thoughts and I look forward to that burst of creative energy that will hit you and then me!

  2. Jess Sell says:

    mmm makes me hungry!

  3. Karen says:

    I tried to photograph the sausages I was cooking for breakfast but they just looked like turds in a frypan! LOL! I was taking too long and they were about to burn so I gave up. Your food photo looks WAY better than mine.

  4. Pam says:

    Ditto what Karen said (well, except the part about the sausage!) Your food picture looks way better than the one I tried to take today! (

  5. andrea says:

    I like this!

  6. Jo says:

    You take great food shots!

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