Jan 7 ~ My first Live Model…

So my son has told me every day this week: “Mom, you need to take a picture of my turtle.” And today, since I was trying to find a subject for today’s photo but not spend too much time thinking about it, I obliged him.  My husband laughed when I told him we were taking “turtle portraits” today.

 I think turtles make the best pets because they do not stink, they do not make messes, and they love to listen to you talk.  I even once saw a turtle that was trained to “roll over” , so they are extremely smart. lol
They also love to eat mosquitos and earthworms as well as the bagged salad mix with cabbage and carrots.  Although, they will not eat if they are not place in a sunny area because they need sunlight to digest their food.

So…there’s your turtle lesson for the day….and here is our still un-named turtle.

My first live model of '09

My first live model of '09

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3 Responses to Jan 7 ~ My first Live Model…

  1. Jess Sell says:

    Cute!!! I love turtles!

  2. Pam says:

    I love the photo and I enjoyed the turtle lesson! (My daughter has 2 guinea pigs. Very very sweet pets, but her room sometimes smells a little like…the goat pen at the zoo.)

  3. Jo-Anne says:

    Great photo and the turtle is way cute!

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