Jan 6 ~ Little Red Fire Engine

Another dreary day of cold rain and the kids are home. My youngest was playing in the floor with all the cars he could find in the toy box and lining them up in a row. I sat watching for a minute while the wheels started turning in my head and so I said…”hey..let mom take a picture of your cars.” Now, it was a little harder than you’d think, getting down on that level at just the right angle. But I thought it didn’t turn out too bad.

Little Red Fire Engine

Little Red Fire Engine

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4 Responses to Jan 6 ~ Little Red Fire Engine

  1. Jess Sell says:

    Very nice! Did you use this as a DOF exercise or did you do the special effects in post? Either way it looks cool!!!

  2. amy says:

    I love it, your right fire trucks must be in the air.. Great job!!

  3. Pam says:

    Wonderful. I love the DOF and colors.

  4. Jo-Anne says:

    Love the colors and your DOP!

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