January 2 ~ The Key to…

…my heart…, the future…., enlightenment…, knowledge….

Whatever works for you. lol   I found these at an old flea market and just had to have them.  Isn’t it funny how you can build an entire campaign from just one thought?  I will be running my Valentine special from this one simple object:  The Key to My Heart  Valentine Session.  I put the quarter in just to show how huge these things are.  I’d love to have an old lock to go with them.

But anyway…I’m multi-tasking and putting together the upcoming promotion AND posting my Jan 2 photo.  Is that wrong???? lol

The key to my heart.

The key to my heart.

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6 Responses to January 2 ~ The Key to…

  1. Those are some cool keys…. can’t wait to see some of your Valentines photos!

  2. Maureen says:

    Wow, what a coincidence! I don’t normally read blogs, but a friend sent a link about the 365 photography idea, so I wandered in. Then I found your blog, glanced in and . . . wow!
    I have a very similar set of three (metal) keys, which I also found at a flea market, and they also had that “I have to have these” feeling about them! (I prefer the unusual, can’t you tell?)

    Ok, so now I’m hooked – what drew me to your blog, if not to encourage me to get my camera out and join in the fun – and the first photograph will be those keys!

    I don’t have a blog myself (and can’t imagine ever getting around to setting one up) but if you’d like to email me I’ll send you a pic once I have one!
    Not sure whether you get to see my addy, so here it is – mpranson@ntlworld.com
    Maureen (in the Midlands, UK)

  3. Pam says:

    Love the photo! Huge keys! They look great against the red.

  4. Tammey says:

    I just LOVE old keys! Great photo and love your valentines idea!

  5. Jo-Anne says:

    Love those keys and would love a set myself! I collect unusual items also. The red background really enhances the keys

  6. Jane says:

    Wow, super, super still lifes!! Love them.

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